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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by devils punchbow, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. devils punchbow macrumors member

    Feb 12, 2010
    So I'm on the market for my first lap top. I'm still trying to consider if I want to try Mac for the first time. I think it really comes down to if I want the Mac OS experience. If I were to get a Windows surely it would be a Lenevo think pad. I know they are solid units even on the inside.....As for my question below I have certainly heard good things about the Lenevo manufacturer. Though I'd like to try Mac, but still undecided.

    I know what the MBP hardware specs are, and talks of updated possible processors. I know the outside is aluminum. Though what I don't know is how do they protect the inside ? Are these things built with some sort of absorbent material ? Guess I'm wondering how fragile they are ? Or do they hold up fairly well on occasionally accidental falls say from your lap ? More less wondering about internal parts rather then the screen breaking off. I realize something could happen to the screen if it landed the wrong way.

    This is just one question mark I have no idea what the answer is. It just does not seemed to be discussed in the marketing aspect. Wondering what real users of this machine opinions would be.
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    Oct 25, 2009
    The internal structure is the aluminum case. They start with a solid piece of billet aluminum and use a cnc machine to carve out the chassis. So it's pretty solid and feels more rigid than say a t400 thinkpad. As far as drops, it should handle them well but aluminum is a softer metal and will dent. But I suppose generally this is better than cracking or shattering which can happen with plastics, magnesium and carbon fiber. Apple has a video on the mac section of the web site where their designer talks about the manufacturing technology. And quite a bit of written on the website as well about the unibody.

    And you have probably heard of lenovo because they are ibms new computer division and took over the manufacturing of desktops and laptops for IBM only a couple years ago.

    Finally you should definitely want for the new I core intel processors unless you have no other computer to get by with.
  3. devils punchbow thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 12, 2010
    Thanks for your feedback. I'll see if I can find those videos you refer to.

    As far as the new processors. I see Lenevo already offers the iprocessors. So it is interesting that MBP's do not have them yet. Something tells me Apple has other products they are more interested in focusing on for right now. I will be giving it some time to see what they update with. Though I'm only interested in a 13 inch. So who knows what they will update to, and not even really interested in speculation. Though I want to at least compare the current versions to the updated versions. I'm not in any rush to make a purchase.

    Knowing these MBP's are solid on the inside is nice to know. Feel free for others to share your perspectives on internal durability related to some shock. I certainly agree that I would rather have the outside body dent rather then crack. I suppose dents will give it more character. Which is fine by me if the inside can handle some occasional shock from time to time.
  4. MagicMouse macrumors regular


    Feb 8, 2010
    Some other things not necessarily mentioned previously are:

    1. Main body only has one seem and 8 screws (or less) on the underside. That means less areas that would split open after a fall.

    2. The space between keyboard keys are filled, so no way to get things under keys. That is external but does affect internal as well considering things can not get under the keyboard and damage the internal hardware as easily.

    Here is a link to that video mentioned earlier- http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/includes/overview_hero8.html#unibody
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    Nov 14, 2008
    Ha, i love these threads. MBP users that try to make it seem like MBPs are semi-durable, for which they are not. They have a glass screen and trackpad for goodness sake. Thinkpad will be 10x more durable. If you dont mind having a really dented and scratched machine, then you might be ok. The inside has no protection beyond the sudden motion sensor. People post on here all the time how they dropped thier laptop backpack with their mac in it, and the mac is significantly damaged, usable, but damaged. My mac is by far the best computer ive ever used, but i thought id put an opinion out there that isnt from a hardcore brand loyalist.
  6. devils punchbow thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 12, 2010
    Well I don't see a down side to the Lenevo except it is a windows machine.

    I really would like to experience the Mac OS. I would probably be very interested in a nicely padded protection case to store the 13 MBP in when it is not being used. Are these type of extra padded carry cases available ? Or even a multi use case that can be applied while the lap top is open in use, and zipped up when machine is not in use. Sort of like portable music player protective cases.....

    The link provided above in a earlier post for the video does not seem to work, or at least does not link to the video. Still looking around for those specific videos.

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