MBP internet no longer works after tweaking Time Capsule settings

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by prome05, Jan 5, 2012.

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    The other day I was setting up my Time Capsule for the first time at my new apartment (after having it in a box for months). I've got internet access through my apartment, so I haven't needed to use it as a router like I did the last time I used it. Also, the router is in another tenant's room. So I opened Airport Utility and adjusted the settings to add the Time Capsule to the network. After doing this, my laptop has lost its Internet connection. I can still connect to the network and my iPad has had no issues connecting to the same network and using the Internet, but the Internet won't work on my MacBook Pro (2006 model).

    Since then, I've plugged an ethernet cable between my laptop and Time Capsule so I could find it on Airport Utility and change its settings to connect to the laptop via Ethernet. Also, I called my landlord and got the router reset.

    I know the Time Capsule/Airport Utility is involved because the Internet connection died as soon as I tried adding my Time Capsule to the network.

    Any suggestions?
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    First open System Preferences->Network and at the top of the Network pane click on the 'Location' bar and in the drop-down select 'Edit Locations'. There make a new Location calling it what ever you want. Then try to join the network and see if that works.
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    As above....Sounds like your TC is only broadcasting on the 5GHZ channel for some reason.

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