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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by blehpunk, Feb 17, 2008.

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    May 3, 2005
    My MBP is a little over a year old (I have applecare). For the last six months the right latch has been hanging out permanently. I took it in 3 weeks ago for repairs, and was at the genius bar for 1.5 hours when they finally told me they would fix it, but where backed up so bring it in later. So when I brought it back today I got a different Genius who pretty much gave me the "FU its cosmetic" line. I'm so annoyed, plus the last genius didn't write any notes, even though he told me to come back now. So can I call it in and send it to apple for repair? I'm also worried because my partner has another MBP which has what I thought was dead pixels (and a lot, like over 30) that we brought in for repairs today to. They are supposed to order the part and fix it this week, but I'm afraid they are going to claim its water damage (which it definitely isn't, but they were hinting around at that). I've spent more time at the apple store this month than at my house. On top of these two problems, I had to get a new power cord, and have my iphone replaced 2x.

    I just moved to this area and have always had the best experience at the genius bar in seattle and los angeles, but this one here has the worst geniuses ever. Do they have some sort of quotas they need to meet for trying to get out of repairs? Its been like pulling teeth.
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    Try to talk with the circus owner and not with the clowns...ask for the store manager.
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    Here, here. And the latch is NOT cosmetic. Hit somebody over the head if you have to.
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    Thanks. They brought over the Genius Bar manager, but he was pretty useless.
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    It appears that the word "cosmetic" has clear explanation with the word APPEARANCE. If I were you I would bring a dictionary and explain to them that this is a Malfunctioning Part with the laptop.

    I have learned sometimes you have to spell stuff out to those Apple Techs.

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