MBP late 2013 screen shut off issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by FelixTheFinn, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Dear Forum,
    I apologize if this is posted in a wrong part of the forum. I'm a new member, so if hardware issues are meant to be elsewhere, I'd ask the nearest moderator to move it to the appropriate section. Until then, answers or possible solutions to my problem are very much appreciated.

    A few months ago, my 15" MBP late 2013 Retina model started to act up. Randomly (at least it seems so to me) my screen shuts off. There is still some faint light coming in from the edges but the screen is off, not on a dim light setting. The fan also slows down to a speed closer to as if the notebook was in sleep mode. But, the computer is clearly still on. Almost feels like it is in sleep mode, but nothing I can do can get it back on or 'wake it up'. Once the screen shuts down, nothing will react until I force shut off the machine by holding the power button and starting it back up. It is also more likely to crash again, after I reboot it.

    The computer does not get overly hot. The computer shuts down/crashes when I read my emails or when watching a movie. It does feel like it is crashing more often with more intensive uses like movies, but it can also happen when just idle. It also crashes in safe mode though it seems a bit less frequent. It also shuts off whether it's connected to the magsafe charger or not. I'm currently writing this from safe mode since its already shut down once during this process. Sometimes the computer can run for hours with a shutdown but sometimes it happens a minute after I start, making the machine virtually unusable. I'm running OS Sierra version 10.12.1. Activity monitor has not shown overload.

    I hope you can help!
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