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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lympero, Jan 17, 2014.

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    I have a mbp late 2011 with amd gpu. I want to buy an external monitor but I'm reading that people are facing gpu failures when using 2011 mbp's gpu.

    So far I'm constantly using the integrated gpu (xcode or vs) so I never had any problems.

    The mbp is open 5-6 hours per day and more in the weekends. Do you think that if I get an external monitor will result to a certain failure for mbp?
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    Remember that forums show a very vocal minority. Nobody comes on forums to say "everything's fine", they're too busy actually using their computer.
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    I've had my 15" early 2011-machine since May 2011 and despite being on practically all the time (ether in use or sleep) I've never suffered any GPU issues with or without my external monitor under any kind of load. If you've read about the graphics problems you'd know that it's only a few individuals that have been suffering from them and it seems to be a very rare software issue, probably only affecting some extremely exotic combination of settings and hardware, as replacing the motherboard hasn't fixed it.

    The only issue I've suffered from in the past couple of years was when the default input always set itself to 1080i when the screen is a 1080p one connected via an Onkyo home theater amp (works as my speaker set and is used to connect a number of other devices to the same screen). This didn't even happen every time I plugged in the computer and went away completely in 10.9.
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    There's actually a news story on our front page (though it scrolled off on this) -
    Some 2011 MacBook Pros Experiencing GPU Glitches, System Crashes

    I'd say its more then a vocal minority at this point. I don't have a 2011 MBP so I can provide any incite but I think its more of an issue

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