MBP LED Screen - As good as the Air?


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Apr 7, 2006
Just wondering, based on user experience, if the MBP's LED screen (particularly the high-res 17 inch model) is as good as the Air's screen, which is gorgeous.



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Jun 15, 2004
Havent got the 17 inch myself, but the 15 inch MBP display is the far best display i've seen on any notebook.


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Jun 2, 2005
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Havent got the 17 inch myself, but the 15 inch MBP display is the far best display i've seen on any notebook.
Agreed...I am not sure if they both use the same brand/quality display (such as Samsung or LG) but I have used the MBA in the store with brightness all the way up....the MBP looks better. I have used many notebooks and the MBP screen is incredible.


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Jul 29, 2008
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I have seen and used the MBA in the Apple store - it's very impressive, and I would consider getting one as a second machine but not quite yet. However, I do have a 15" MBP - bought in April - and its screen is excellent; before I switched, the staff at the store persuaded me to go for the MBP (rather than MBA or MB) on account of its superior spec, but most importantly, on account of the excellence of the screen. I'm not sorry I did - it has a superb screen.


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Nov 16, 2005
the macbook pro ships with displays from several different manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Chimei and AUO. There is quite a difference between the different models, and also between specific units by the same manufacturer. I've had all of them and I've also had a few Airs, and if I compare the best Air I've seen (a Chimei Screen) with the best MBP display I've seen (AUO before it inverted on me and had to be returned....), I think they're comparable. If I compare the worst MBP (Chimei) with the average MBA (not sure but the model number is most common one), the MBA was infinitely nicer in terms of color, brightness and lack of hues/viewing angle. So I really think it's a lottery and there's no way to generalize about the screens. I'd prefer a good MBP display over a good MBA screen because of the size, but I'd choose a good MBA screen over a bad MBP screen any day.

My two cents...


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Jan 9, 2007
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As others have mentioned, I think the 15" MBP screen is better than the one in Air- comparatively speaking.

Both of them have great screens, but if I had to choose, it will be the one on MBP... also because MBP screens come in matte configuration.