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Oct 7, 2008
Guys I posted this on the Mac Basics forum and then realised it would be better here as its relating to my 16" MBP M2.

I have 5 user accounts on my MBP running the latest Ventura (I know, I know. Large family 😆 ) But all of a sudden, the last user on the list of account couldn't use the trackpad at all - it didn't move or click. But they could use my Magic Trackpad without any issues.

For a bit soon after I also randomly couldn't move the cursor on my account! But this got sorted after a restart. Grrrrrrrr!

But user 5 still couldn't move the cursor when I signed into their account.

I deleted the user account and reset it and all is fine again.

Another Ventura thing??? Or something more serious?

Ive had some tips on the other forum but wanted to hear if fellow mbp users have had this.
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