MBP mid 2010 bottom case issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by therzbm, May 5, 2013.

  1. therzbm macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2011
    I recently had to replace a dead hdd in my mid 2010 15" macbook pro. Upon opening up my machine i noticed that both of the black plastic clips (example picture here on the far right of image) here designed to hold the centre of the bottom case down were broken (one into two pieces the other was in three pieces and part of it was still attached to the base). I know this was not due to me pulling off the bottom case as it came free without any force so must have already been broken, and it also now makes sense why the bottom of my macbook was so flexible and clicky/noisy when on my lap for the majority of time i owned it.

    Also, one of the rear feet has come off from the base and needs replacing. Now I understand that if i take it into apple they might replace the foot for free as it seems cheap enough (i tried to glue mine back together at first but somehow it just wasn't ever gonna fit back in the hole correctly, the whole thing seems so over-engineered for what it is). I was wondering if this was correct? I dont want to pay £5 for a new one off ebay only to find its not genuine or doesnt fit properly or that i cant fit it properly so would rather have them do it especially if its free and a 5 minute job.

    I was also wondering if they would do anything about the broken clips? currently I super glued them back together and screwed them back in and they seem to work correctly and have stopped my bottom case squeeking and creaking, but if they would replace them obviously I would prefer that. I also read on the apple foot replacement guide that they advised only to use the glue they supplied as some glues fumes can apparently degrade computer components? is this true or is it just to stop stupid people using wood glue or something totally unsuitable on the inside of their laptop? I used loctite super glue to glue the clips back together and let them dry before i put them in but obviously as these laptops are so expensive and as I just put an SSD and 8gb of ram in i dont want to risk anything that might break it again as i wont be able to afford a new one for a very long time and need it for uni work.

  2. Brian Y macrumors 68040

    Oct 21, 2012
    Those black clips always break.

    If you're under warranty it'll be free. If you're out of warranty Apple charge £8 per foot, and the black clips are about £5.

    Just get the ones from eBay ;).
  3. therzbm thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2011
    jesus, i thought it would be easy to go in and maybe blag it out of them. yeh my warranty ran out ages ago. is not even possible to convince them or is it black and white when something is out of warranty? im happy to still use the glued clips assuming someone can tell whether its safe or not? dont wannt pay £5, put them in and then find they are broken a week later and just have to glue them together again.

    As for the feet, are there any versions that arent overly complicated and fiddly? it seems the apple ones are so over engineered for their purpose. cheers for the help. will get on the hunt on ebay see what i can find. i was gonna ask about a replacement key for my keyboard but thats just gonna be another £10 or whatever. also i was looking for a new battery as mine needs replacing, as far as i can see the only place to get an official one is through apple right? £100 for them to do a 2 minute job that an idiot could do. is there anywhere in the UK that can supply me with an official battery or at least a good one that wont blow up or destroy my macbook? or will i just have to accept it and pay them the money to do something i could happily do myself?


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