MBP, not charging, wont turn on, no charger light...sometimes

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Gilrou1141, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Aug 28, 2014
    Background: I have a MBP that was purchased during the summer of 2011. The MBP had been sent in for repairs from water damage earlier this spring due to a failed logic board. The laptop was last used approx 1230pm on 27AUG. The lap top was under 20% when I was finished, closed the lid(DID NOT turn off), and went about my day. The laptop was unplugged.

    Problem: When I returned that night approx. 2:00am. I grabbed my laptop from the desk downstairs, and went to my bed. I attempted to start the laptop, but figured it was dead. I plugged it in and I could only see a very very faint green light. Unplugged/plugged it a few times to the same effect. Put MBP across the room on dresser until the next day. When I woke up I attempted the same thing, but to the same results. Found a different charger, and same results. Took the two chargers, plugged them into a different MBP. The light goes from green then orange after 2-3 seconds. The chargers are good(they are the ones that come with the laptops). Plug the charger into the working MBP, and change it over to the non functioning one with maybe 5 seconds inbetween, and the light goes instantly to orange. Seemed strange. Left it on there for 30 min. Nothing. Side battery life indicator doesn't show anything. Still wont start. I unplugged it for maybe 20 min and then attempted to charge it again, however this time there was no lights again. I cupped my hand over it and was able to see just a very faint light as before. I've tried resetting SMC with any/every combonation of no-light/orange-light/no-charger/wait-20-minutes etc.....

    Any ideas?
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    I think you have done everything possible, without trying any parts.

    You could now open the bottom case.
    Check inside in the area of the magsafe connector, looking for corrosion.
    Disconnect the battery connector, then plug in your power adapter. The plug LED should be green, and stay that way (no battery to charge, it's just providing power to your MBPro) The LED should be a normal bright green, brighter than what you have said. You can try to boot your MBPro, with just the power adapter - no battery installed.
    If you can't get a boot, and the green light is as dim as before, even without the battery, then you might have a bad internal magsafe board (it's replaceable), or the power circuit, which would be on the logic board.
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    so I pulled of the back cover, disconnected the battery, and it started right up...so now i did SMC restart, and its booting up now... battery life indicator works, charger goes right to green then orange. Only problem now is at 99% with the grey progress bar, the laptop just shuts off. any ideas?

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