MBP not sleeping on lid closure (just had screen replaced).

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bagelche, Aug 12, 2009.

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    I have a 2.2 15.4" MBP which will not sleep upon closure of the lid as of today. I just picked it up today from the Apple store where the full top was replaced due to a display problem.

    Searching here and on other forums, I found a number of people with this symptom, but with different causes.

    The computer sleeps normally when set from the apple menu. I tried resetting the PRAM. no change. I ran a small magnet along the right side of the screen with no effect. When I run the magnet down the right side of the computer, the computer sleeps when the magnet passes around the bottom of the speaker grill and awakens when I remove the magnet.

    It would seem that the sensor in the base is functioning. Is the top only a magnet? How likely that there could be no magnet or a misaligned magnet in the the top panel?

    Compounding the issue is that I had replaced the hard drive after I bought the computer, so when I returned it for service I put the original back in. When I picked up the computer I turned it on and off to check it out. Then I reinstalled the larger drive. It was only after this that I experienced the sleep issue, however I never tested the sleep when I picked it up from the store. My thought is that since running the magnet along the bottom case causes the computer to sleep that my opening the case for the hard drive exchange isn't the problem, unless it's possible that the reed can move in the bottom case and is misaligned there.

    The apple store is an hour away and I leave for a trip on Saturday, making this a potentially frustrating experience.

    Any ideas? thank you in advance.
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    I don't think the reed switch can move in the bottom, but I'm not certain. If you go to ifixit.com and look at their MBP guides, you should be able to find a detailed photo and confirm this. In any case, I can't see how replacing the HD would cause the reed switch to get dislodged or moved.

    There is a little magnet about halfway up the screen on the right side that activates the reed switch. If closing the lid doesn't put the MBP to sleep, but placing a magnet on that right side (where the reed switch is) puts the computer to sleep, then my guess would be that the magnet is missing.

    When they replace the screen, I believe they remove the entire top assembly so it would be surprising to me for it to be missing a magnet. But obviously there is something going on. I don't think you need to even tell them about the HD, just tell them after you took the computer home you discovered it won't sleep when shutting the lid. Assuming they confirm the reed switch is fine, in all likelihood they will end up replacing that entire top assembly again!
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    who ever changed the screen forgot the magnet that puts it to sleep.

    I did this when I changed the color of my Apple logo and I had to reopen the screen to put the magnet I found on the floor back in.

    It sucked. I ended up breaking the screen clips and had to order more.
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    Using a piece of metal or another magnet, check for a magnet in the middle of the bezel on the right side of the screen. At least that's where it is in my Multibody MBP.

    Using a magnet, see if you can activate the reed switch. Hold the magnet on the right side of the lower case in the middle (lined up with the arrow keys or the shift key) and see if it goes to sleep.
  5. Andrew Henry macrumors 6502a

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    He already said using a magnet does put it to sleep...

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