MBP (Oct 2013) Dualscreen/dock options

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by dza, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Nov 17, 2013
    Hello everyone.

    I finally jumped the boat! I'm an experienced Linux user (since 2001, Debian, Gentoo, ArchLinux in that order). I must say this is the most consistent UNIX experience I've had for years ;-) (although KDE is getting quite good)

    I can't live without my dualscreens - so here it goes:

    It seems there is 3 options:

    • USB/DVI Adapter (cons: slow)
    • Matrix Dualhead2go (cons: not individual displays, has its flaws)
    • 2x Thunderbolt/Displayport adapters (left side of MBP)
    • HDMI + one of above

    I'm not even sure the third option 2x Thunderbolt/Display adapters is possible? Or if I will HAVE to pair one HDMI/USB to share load across video adapters (if they have limited display input/output options).

    My initial thought was Matrix Dualhead2go - but when I saw how people were having problems with that (considering it's an expensive solution) I kinda ditched that.

    The next thought was to use two adapters and displayports - my monitors are:
    Dell P2214H monitors

    w/ HDMI/DVI and DisplayPort.

    So is the solution here right in front of me? Two mini-displayport adapters to displayport ? Or is there a more feasible / practical setup ?

    In reality, I wanted a dock to do all of this (For work) - but I'm unsure if any of them are compatible with the new Oct. 2013 MBP, and most of these seem to be very sparingly in connections and double the price of everything else!

    Only dock that seemed to fit was "Henge Dock Horizontal" and it was PRICEY, only available to the US, and it seemed it hasn't even been released yet for the old models? I mean, comon?? I can't be the only one who is craving a decent docking station for my MBP?

    Many regards,
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    Nov 17, 2013

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