MBP on second battery: battery time going down again.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hdsalinas, Aug 11, 2008.

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    Aug 28, 2006
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    Last December, right before my warranty expired Apple replaced my MBP´s factory battery. The battery would not last more than 30 minutes (with wifi on) and would spontaneously shutdown when it still had about 30 to 40% of juice left over.

    8 months later with the new battery I am noticing lousy battery life again. According to the system profile my full battery capacity (mAh) is down to 3911 after 115 cycles (my original battery was down to 2448 mAh (150 cycles) before it was replaced). If I close the lid and open it later (20 minutes or so) I notice a drop of 10% on the battery´s remaining charge.

    Obviously my battery is dying and since its out of warranty I will have to buy the replacement myself.

    But what is causing the batteries to die early? Is it that my MBP is defective and its ruining the batteries? or is it the way I use it?

    At home, I keep my MBP plugged 90% of the time. I try to turn it off everynight but I would say that 4 nights of the week I just close the lid and let it sleep. During the day I usually take it to work and leave the charger at home. I only use it to get some files from it or if I need to take my work somewhere else away from my desk (I have a 24" imac at work... very nice). By the end of the day my MBP is exhausted and wont turn again until I plug it.

    I love my MBP but there have been a few quality issues that that have dissaponted me (bad batteries, and a DVD drive that forgot how to read anything).

    Yopur thoughts will be greatly appreciated
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    I have the same MBP as you along with the same problem. I am on my second battery and having the same problem as the first. It annoys me every single time I use it.

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