MBP overclocking Merom & system buses, PC laptops have it now?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Butthead, Jun 8, 2007.

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    MSI GX600 - Overclockable Turbobook Laptop

    Ok, Mac users aren't used to the kind of insane overclocking done on the PC side, especially the gamers. But now that Apple is using the same component/chipsets as the PC's with the Intel switch, shouldn't it be possible to overclock MBP's? Although I would guess Apple would never give us the option like MSI does on the PC side, if you could get a 20% increase in overall bus speeds (the MSI appears to only bump up the FSB, but other overclocked PC's, desktops anyway, have also overclocked the RAM memory by somehow changing that bus' frequency.

    Could both the FSB and using Crucial DDR2 800Mhz SODIMM's with your MBP stuffed with 2x2GB of RAM, be overclocked by 20%, even if the fans would be turbo jetting nonstop, and how about overclocking the GPU while we're at it? On desktop systems for PC, the OEM's 'overclock' them all the time. Battery time would be dismal, but couldn't a regular (given the MSI is using what would appear to be a standard Intel 2GHz Merom and somehow overclocking it) 7700 @ 2.4Ghz, be upped to 2.6Ghz? Or even those designed by Intel to be overclocked, as they are supposedly 'unlocked'


    Dell offers hush-hush overclockable mobile Core 2 Duo

    Intel to Intro “Extreme” Processors to Mobile Lineup in September.

    Would an aftermarket specialist like Daystar be able to offer such an 'upgrade' capability (since Apple will never follow the lead of industry innovators like Dell, lol), even if you had to send in your MBP to get this done with firmware mods, and lose your warranty protection? yeah, some people (gamers, high-end 2k or 4k video editors in the field might try this, ie. Matrix Reloaded was edited in the field during filming of action FX sequences with a PBG4).

    *note* debate as to whether or not any Santa Rosa system can actually use (at rated 800Mhz, 400Mhz mem. bus speed) DDR-800 (PC-6400) SODIMMs currently on the market...see this thread:


    I don't see why Intel cannot do a special completely adjustable (like the MSI) overclockable Core 2 Extreme(or even the more 'standard' T7700/7800 chip as used in the early Dell model above) mobile chip (which is rumored now to have a July release on the 2.6Ghz model, well ahead of the September release of the 2.8Ghz version) 'non-roadmap' chipset where the entire memory/FSB<>CPU & GPU buses can be adjusted upwards temporarily for power intensive needs.

    Oh yeah; MR Admin, it's ok to put the speculation of overclocking a MBP on the front pages news in a couple of weeks, lol.
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    If you need so much performance please buy a PC. Macs are for people who prefer to have stable computers, not one that "blue screens" when the ambient temperature gets 1 degree too warm.

    Overclocking produces heat, and unlike the MSI the MacBook Pro does not have much tolerance for that.
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    PC manufacturers still use BIOS right?

    well Macs use EFI, which is completely locked down in terms of an overclocking sense.

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