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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by LukePraoline, Jan 14, 2010.

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    I am a owner of a early 2008 macbook pro. i my mbp as a replace ment for a late 2007 macbook. Apple and i arranged in july that the ACP for the mb would be transferd to the MBP free of charge and i only needed to pag £400 to upgrade machines. as far as i was concerned it was all 100% ok and sorted. in the time i have had it (recived july 2008) the superdrive has gone wrong twice. and have taken it in to the Retial store in southampton to be repaired no problem.


    Yesterday i phone apple up and asked what was going on because the computer would just switch off and do nothing for about 10 mins it wasnt getting hot so thats not the problem. They told me to reinstall the OS so i did the problem is still there but scince reinstalling 2 more problems have arrised the superdive dosent work apart from OS discs The Wi-Fi is extremely poor even when im next to the AEBS i cant go more than 5 meters away. The technician said ill need to take it into a store for repair . then he turned around and said its no longer coverd under ACP i explained how it should be and how it had been transferd. he replyed and said it was refused transfer and i should have been notified that it wasnt. after that i was transferd to customer relations that offerd me £200 Refund for the care plan and to repair what is wrong. the issue i have is that if this had happend 6 months earlier i could of braught a new mbp acp but now i cant and apple refuse to cover me. I think this is unfair basically leaveing me with a machine that goes wrong every 4-6 months. and could be extremely costly to repair. Im a student and can't afford a new machine or repair but could afford to extend the care plan if offerd. im a student so money is not easy and i need a mac for collage because im doing photography and Graphic design and film editing.

    whats your opinion on this and can i do/say anything to get my problem sorted ? or will they refuse any other support ?

    Answers will be strongly appreciated
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    Mar 6, 2009
    And i have just recived a refund from apple acouple of weels ago for th eunsed contract what rights do i have in this situation

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