MBP Problems..please help!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cheezebob, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. cheezebob macrumors member

    Jun 27, 2007
    I got a 2.2 ghz sr MBP in the middle of July. I noticed the problems I will soon explain then, but I was kind of in denial. A week after I got it I went on vacation and then to college, so I have had little time to worry about the problems or how I can get them fixed.

    The problems are:

    Tiger setup crashed/quit as I was trying to take my account picture (does anyone know if the picture was the last step anyway cuz i don't really care about the picture..just if I missed something).

    The lower third of the screen is definitely yellow from many viewing angles.

    The keyboard is slow to respond-I sometimes type a word and the first or first few letters don't get typed.

    I've noticed that the trackpad is also sometimes slow to respond.

    The brightness got stuck a few times and the only way to fix it was to restart (I played around with all the preferences).

    It once wouldnt start after sleep..I opened the lid and it seemed as if it was off..I closed the lid and it went back to sleep..I pressed random keys until it finally went on, only to be extremely slow..as if I were doing expose while holding the shift key (which I wasnt doing). When I restarted everything seemed normal, except the time, which was 4 hours ahead until I simply opened the time system preference.

    Bootcamp seems slower now while I boot into windows..with a long wait after choosing windows, and a black screen for a while.

    So what can I do? I need my MBP here in college, but I want to get it fixed. Can I simply get it replaced, or is it too late? Are any of these problems normal or unimportant? What can Apple Care do for me?
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    Apr 28, 2007
    This is September... I would doubt that Apple will replace something that was DOA 45 days after delivery. They will probably repair it but it sounds from other posts around the board that it might take 3 weeks to get it back. Call support and tell them your story and see what they will do for you. Asking people here will only give you answers that are pure speculation.

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