MBP Retina 13 2015 faulty battery

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ducksandtails, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Oct 2, 2018
    I'm writing to express my profound disappointment about Apple MBP Retina 13 2015 battery quality.

    I was convinced to make the switch to Apple by some old customers who convinced me how reliable Apple products are. I became an Ipad / Iphone / MBP user recently. So far my experience has been good and I was considering to upgrade some of my equipment but what happened today left me in shock.

    My MBP had perfect battery stats so far since it does not have much use and I take great care of all my equipment. I followed all battery recommendations and so far it was perfect, with a long battery life.
    When I opened my MBP today the battery status got the "Replace Now" message and to my surprise, it was not holding any charge. My boyfriend has a MBP so he helped me to figure out what could be wrong with the battery.

    At first, we thought that was a software problem, so I immediately reseted the SMC but nothing good came out of it. We could not believe how a battery with only 283 cycles could come to an end, especially after taking all the safeguards for it to last a couple of years. I immediately searched online and found some people with the same problem and I also saw Apple had some problems with batteries on some newer models.
    I figured something must be dead wrong with the battery since the start or Apple's quality control has gone down the drain. The equipment is stellar and the battery was also in good shape. The equipment is not used a lot since I own a desktop also.

    It's just me suffering battery problems on the 2015 model?
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    Apple batteries should be able to sustain close to 1000 cycles before their useful life ends. Take your MacBook Pro to an Apple genius bar and let them check it. Even if your MacBook Pro is out of warranty, they may decide to replace the battery for free. Make an appointment first before you go.
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    I have never had any problems when I had a 2015.

    But you mentioned you don't use it a lot, so that can be an issue. Letting the battery run down to the point where you have to charge it to use it is hard on the battery. Likewise leaving it plugged in all the time can be hard on the battery. In an ideal world the Li-Io battery would be charged to 80% and let run down now lower than 30%. But, this is impractical.

    Anyway take it to Apple and see what they say. As pointed out earlier they may just cover the top case (battery, trackpad, keyboard, upper case where your hands rest) replacement.
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    Oct 2, 2018
    I already sent some emails to make the appointment, let's see where this goes. I know it's 1000 that's why was shocked with the numbers, especially when I know about how to take proper care to extend battery life.
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    Perhaps I did not explain myself clearly. What I meant is I don't do any intensive tasks with the MBP, the only reason I bought it was the price difference to the Macbook Air at the time was negligible. The laptop is used everyday but mainly for browsing / school work. The MBP was charged when I got home and taken out of the house sometimes.

    I could post the stats here if it helped someway. I really hope Apple has a way to check the battery history and see how it was handled.

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