MBP Retina in stock at Newegg

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ufsj, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. ufsj macrumors newbie

    Nov 9, 2011
    Both configurations in stock at retail price with no tax for most states and free 3 day shipping (2 if you have shoprunner).

    My concern is, does anyone know if newegg is an authorized Apple reseller? I don't see them being listed on Apple's site but macprices.net shows otherwise.
  2. JoshGlzBrk macrumors 6502a


    Aug 27, 2009
    Interesting. Wish they accepted the student discounts.
  3. choffy macrumors member


    Jun 10, 2012
    Glendale, AZ
    With no tax, it's essentially the same price. My student discount at Apple still came out to around $2180.
  4. JoshGlzBrk macrumors 6502a


    Aug 27, 2009
    Well the problem was I originalled ordered a 16GB base model, and just got it yesterday, but it had a pressure mark behind the screen. So I either have to get a 8GB model from in store, or newegg? Or re order the 16GB BTO I originally wanted and wait another month... :S

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