MBP seems to perform much better after battery replacement

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bniu, Oct 1, 2013.

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    I had a battery in my MBP go bad 200 cycles in. Prior to taking it in, I had had it plugged into my ATD in clamshell mode for weeks on end without running the battery. Anytime that I did have it out as a laptop, I've noticed that the battery drained real fast, and the computer would often have the fans spinning up almost nonstop and my battery draining really fast. I just chalked that up to the fact that I tend to run my MBP on max settings. Plus, my trackpad was a bit sticky.

    Now after my battery was replaced, I've noticed my MBP runs a lot cooler, and I've noticed that the trackpad no longer sticks. I haven't heard my MBPs fans in a while, and I got plenty of use out of a single battery charge.

    So what's going on here? Did the apple technician do anything that special (maybe cleaned the trackpad underside?) or did replacing the battery have all these other side benefits?

    When I took it in, I never mentioned anything about the trackpad sticking...
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    It sounds like the battery was defective in some way. It is possible that (if it was a defective battery) this could have been the culprit behind your MacBook Pro's troubles.

    When the technician replaced your battery, they may have done a quick look over on your machine and done a little cleaning up since they had it apart anyway; that could explain why your trackpad isn't sticking anymore.

    - Kyle

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