MBP semi-nightmare...


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Jan 23, 2002
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At the end of last month, I ordered my MacBook Pro for college, knowing that it would take a minimum of two weeks (and probably closer to three) to get to me. Wait. Wait. Wait. Yesterday, it arrived...absolutely gorgeous, sleek, perfect fit and finish...

...and then I turned it on. Oh dear God, the screen was the worst I have ever seen! Yellow tint (the kind calibration won't fix), dead pixels, backlight bleeding along the bottom edge...it was absolutely hideous. Even the CompUSA floor model I had looked at had an absolutely beautiful screen, so, of course, I thought I should get a new screen at the least.

I called AppleCare, and they authorized a repair (after doing some incredibly inane "fixes" - why would restarting into the boot options screen fix a display issue?!). I took it to the Apple Store (Kenwood Towne Center, Cincinnati), started walking towards the Genius Bar, and the manager stopped me. She asked what my problem was, I told her, and she asked me how long ago I'd gotten the machine (probably pre-screening, just making sure I had AppleCare, etc.) I told her I'd gotten it that morning, and her face just fell. She even got a little angry! "No, you shouldn't have to repair a brand-new laptop, they should just replace it!"

I, of course, agreed wholeheartedly, but, since it was a CTO machine (7200RPM hard drive), I thought I was out of luck. Nope. She led me towards the store phone and told me I should call and ask for a total replacement. Alright :p

Long story short(er), I persuaded the Apple "Product Specialist" (by the way, I thought Apple closed their India call center?! Everyone I talked to was definitely speaking with an Indian accent!) to replace my machine. They sent me a label, I sent back my laptop...but it's going to take the full 7-10 days to build and ship. I leave for school in 11 days.


Happy note - I bought a case for my future MBP from the manager...I really hope they get commission, because she was great!


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Jun 19, 2007
sweet, our store manager here in orlando is pretty nice too, my buddy who got me into macs actually got a 500gb mybookpro from him for free cause they kept having to change the logic board on his imac