MBP SR 15" 2.2 - Near Perfect


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Jun 7, 2007
I got me my MBP 15" 2.2 Matte and boy am I pleased.
Its a week 27 model and there are no issues, no tint near the bottom of the screen, no warping or alignment issues and no accidental wake from sleep issues that i can tell.

I did notice that apples default profile for this display is a little warmer than I want. I calibrated it myself and it looks great, 20X better than my Powerbook g4, couldn’t be happier.

The sound card background noise is definitely there, but to those concerned I’d say it’s a non-issue. (You really have to listen hard for it, it only really appears if you have apples budget earphones and the sound way up and even then it’s such a small hiss that you’d be hard pressed to notice it.) I’m pretty sure all 15” models suffer this so go to your local apple store and stick your earphones in, start a song in iTunes, press stop and listen to the silence for a few seconds. After you press stop, the sound card will actively produce the sound.. But, smart apple…if there isn’t sound for a bit the sound card seems to turn itself off so you don’t hear anything until it plays a sound again.

My MBP runs around 50C normal working, and only when I do intense tasks such as encoding a movie does it go up to about 85C .. but this is normal and yes the computer gets hot but it doesn’t get hotter.. you only have to be concerned if your temp keeps going up and up and doesn’t stop over 95 and I’d get concerned

Thanks to all those that posted their issues, it was a big help in making my decision.


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Jul 2, 2007
Mine is perfect except for the sound issue too. And with regards to the sound issue, it is very noticeable with the earbuds that came with my ipod (like impossible to ignore kind of noticeable) but I can't detect it at all with my Sennheiser headphones. As has been said before it seems to only be an issue with low impedance headphones.


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Jun 19, 2007
mines perfect except for what i consider a slightly harsh crunching sound when loading a disk, but eveyone else who has heard it tells me its normal...so...yeah

how does one tell what week it is?


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Jul 16, 2007
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Yep, just got my SR 2.2 glossy today and I am in love. I am also getting similar sound issues with my cheap PSP earbuds, but everything else is super. I'm currently calibrating the battery before I get to doin some intense video editing on FCP.

This is my first Apple and I'm wondering why it took me so long to get one ;)


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Jul 16, 2007
Wondering the same thing, how do you tell ?

how does one tell what week it is?[/QUOTE]


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May 3, 2007
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Wondering the same thing, how do you tell ?

how does one tell what week it is?
Look after the 7 in your serial number, that's the year of it's build, then the week of the year, then the rest is the factory or something. Anyways, I've got a 2.4 15" glossy, which iLove. True it has a minor buzz with some earphones as well as a minor case pop up in the left corner, but that's within spec and I don't care, it's my favorite thing I own.