MBP tech issues - problem is I dented the lid

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by evaporateddwarf, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Jan 26, 2010
    I noticed my 2011 15" screen has uneven coloring. When I have dark screens, the coloring is blotchy, where the blacks are very uneven, and in light screens, I notice the edges (1" or so) are yellow (not extremely, but a visible tint). A frustrating, but not deal breaking, set of issue is I've had issues with videos freezing and getting the beachball during my casual usage. I can't minimize the screen or quit the program. I have to hit f3 to switch windows and then it corrects itself.

    The bigger issue is the screen color. The only issue I'm having with simply calling and asking for a replacement is the fact that despite babying it, the computer got bumped and there is a small dent on the bottom of the lid. It isn't noticeable from every angle or huge, but it's there. Will this void Apple dealing with any screen related issues since it is on the same physical plane as the screen? I don't believe the screen issues are from the dent, as it isn't severe or in the affected areas, and there isn't any warping that would have bent the screen.
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    Only Apple will be able to determine if it will be a problem. Your best bet is simply to send it in, and let them decide if they care about the dent. If it's small, which you are indicating, and away from where they know important cables and parts to be in the display assembly, they might just ignore it. I've seen it happen before. I've also seen them deny warranty coverage for a dent on the outside corner, because to them it indicated a drop that probably did cause other damage. It all comes down to who's looking at the laptop and exactly where the damage is.


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