MBP technical issues... need help


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Apr 14, 2005
Spring, Texas

I am having quite a few problems with my MacBook pro 2.0. I would like for any input you might feel useful for these problems.

1) Lately, when using iTunes, my computer freezes from time to time. The beach ball shows up and after about 3 minutes, the computer unfreezes and goes back to playing the music.

2) My computer makes a weird noise when I pick it up. like a grinding noise.

3) My magsafe light does not always come on. sometimes I wiggle it and it doesn't work, sometimes it turns back on. However, it does say it is plugged in when I check the battery status.

4) My sound was working this morning, but now it will not work at all. My port is shooting out a Red light, and when I press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys, nothing shows up on screen. I went to my systems preferences and then into Sound and my output options are disabled. If i plug external speakers into my audio out, the sound works and the preferences are enabled again.

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Feb 10, 2006
1. Don't know

2. I belive that is your CD or DVD grinding in the drive- mine makes this noise if I one handedly pick up my MBP on the right side where the Superdrive is. Did it once, never did it again, but I belive that it resukted in the scratching of my CoD 2 CD

3. Don't know.

4. I am not sure why the sound isn't working, but when you dual boot to windows the same red light comes out. I seem to remember it being described as the laser that reads a certain type of plug...what you need to do, I think, is turn that off...I do not know how but hopefully someone else will!


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Aug 30, 2004
West Monroe, Louisiana
2.) when i pick up my MBP with one hand and turn it up under my arm i hear a similar noise, it could be the sudden motion sensor stopping the hard drive heads, and potentially not the optical drive. I'm guessing SMS