MBP warranty help are they flexible?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by warstomp, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Oct 19, 2009
    So, a few weeks or months ago, i dropped my macbook probably 2 feet from my bed and everything was fine i didn't even realize it but there was a small dent on the lid portion of my macbook pro. Now. the problem i have is that due to that crack i never realized it but, it makes the plastic cover bend in a bit very unnoticeable in a way that if the lid is closed or opened at the right angle there leaves an oppening between the plastic covering and the LED screen of the macbook pro. Due to that underneath the plastic sheet i see small pieces of dust and they are building up because ive put this issue back for a few weeks due to the fact that most of my work is done on an external display anyways however now that i attend class more and start taking notes these pieces of debris are really getting my nerves.

    So my question is, for all of you experienced Macbook warranty users, if i take my macbook pro to the apple store will they give me a hand in removing the debris from underneath the plastic or will they deny me because of the small dent (corner of the lid) If so can any of you offer some do it myself solutions because i have no problem with that as long as i know the steps,

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    Typically speaking when you drop your MBP (or any Apple product) and there is noticeable damage due to said drop your Apple Care warranty is void. They will repair your MBP for you but they will charge you. They likely will not help you remove debris so that you can do something yourself.

    Look into ifixit.com for solutions on how to fix your machine. I suggest getting Apple to diagnose it for you first, which may or may not be at a cost.

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