MBP won't boot without OS x installation Disk

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kj101, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Jan 24, 2015
    My Macbook pro (2010 late) refuses to start up without the Lion Os x installation disk, as of yesterday. Before that it was working fine but started REALLY lagging, even just on 2 tabs. Now If I try to turn it on with no disk it give me the file/question mark symbol, occasionally followed by the circle symbol with a line through it. It can stay like this until the battery dies.

    When I pop in the OS x install disk (from the original box), I head to the Utility's and it picks up the hard drive (HD Macintosh, 68.3 gigabytes available, 250gb total, etc.) I run the verify & repair and it tells me the issue is repaired but the Macbook still won't start up without the install disk in. I can't do anything but go to the same page on every restart. I also wanted to note that I can see the contents of the hard drive through Utility's on the os x disk and all my files/music/photos names are there just not clickable. The Hard drive can be seen about 8/10 times I restart the macbook, sometimes it's missing from the utility screen (only acknowledges disk inside computer).

    Now, when the hard drive is acknowledged and I press continue on the OS x installation, it gives a yellow exclamation mark on the Hard Drive as a source to download the os too. It says it can't be downloaded to this source.
    If I erase the Hard Drive from utility and go back to the main Lion OSx install screen, will this solve my problem? I don't have back ups of what was on my computer but It was really just music off the internet / some old papers etc. I wouldn't really miss it that bad but I really miss using my macbook
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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Go to apple store, and try to back up your mac before you go. I think you may need to reset and re-image your mac

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