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    I'm sure a thousand people have asked this question, but i need some help. I'm a graphic designer and a graphic design student (yes it's possible) at my local college. I need a laptop for school and work this fall. I've been banking on updated MBPs at WWDC, but it finally occured to me that i didn't know what to do if they aren't updated. I'll be using the adobe CS2 until CS3 comes out, so i'll need the fastest machine possible, and i hate buying products at the end of their life cycle, but how long would you wait? If not Monday, should i wait until the next tuesday? I really need a laptop, but I also really want to wait for Merom. What to do....
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    Just wait until they have Core 2 Duos in them, unless you really really need it now. Judging by Apple's prompt use of Yonah so soon after it's release, I would assume the same will be true of Merom.
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    I think you should wait for WWDC;)

    Or mabye it will be released on Tuesday the 8th:D

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