MBPr vs iMac + MBA (or Chromebook)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mrmabry, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Hello everyone -- Right now, I have a Early 2011 MBP and it still works ok, but I've had the graphics problem that a lot of other users have had ($300 to repair, seeing early signs that it's happening again), so I'm looking to make a new purchase next year so that I don't rely so much on this device. I would like to sell this device when I upgrade.

    First, this is what I use my computers for: I create music (recording rarely/DAW music production primary), writing/blogging, web design/development, web browsing, video production (mainly editing, but sometimes motion graphics), virtually no gaming whatsoever. I've grown really fond of bringing my laptop everywhere I go, even if it is quite heavy. I love writing/coding in coffee shops or libraries, etc.

    I have two options in front of me that I've been considering and I'm just curious other's opinions on the most bang for my buck, really.

    I have been really considering finally just getting an iMac and getting the maxed-out version of whatever the current model is (a year from now, I would assume they have an updated model, but lets assume this current model) and simply getting a Chromebook or baseline MBA (I really like OS X).

    Other option would just be get the maxed out MBPr (next release) and just use it for everything as I do right now.

    Is there anyone out there that sort of did what I am thinking about: moving from MBP to iMac? Was it really that big of a deal not to have the portability option? Just looking for other's opinions/situation I might not have thought about.
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    Do you want all of your stuff (apps and data) on one machine? If so, go the 15" rMBP route. If not, go the iMac+MBA/13"rMBP route.

    Earlier in my college years, I opted for the then-equivalent of the latter option. Now, I'm a fan of keeping my primary computer set-up simplified. That and I really hate how annoying it is to crack open the iMacs to replace the drives and have grown far less tolerant of it now than I was then.

    It's sort of a matter of which setup would suit you better.

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