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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by zoran, Aug 31, 2013.

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    My macbook pros charger has the english version socket plug (with the three plugs). I want to purchase the version with the two plugs thats used in other countries in Europe. Can this be purchased as a part and if so whats it called so i can look or it on ebay?
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    You can also use those from the old iPhone/iPad chargers, if you happen to have one. eBay gives you about a bag full of 'em for a dollar. Just look for "Apple EU plug", however be aware that something like this is dangerous:

    There's to little insulation on the pins.

    Personally, I'd try to find a deal on the genuine "Apple World Travel Adapter Kit", it comes with all adapters necessary to work in North America & Japan (2x), China, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe (2x), Korea, Australia and Hong Kong, plus an iPhone charger and an USB cable with a 30-pin Dock connector.
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    Cheapskate hint:

    Just get a generic European mains to IEC C7 "figure of 8" lead like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Euro-Figure-Mains-Power-Cable/dp/B0034Z8SMU/ref=pd_sim_sbs_ce_2

    ...these work fine with Mac and iPad adapters, and also work with some other chargers & adapters. They just look less elegant. I also use US-to-IEC C7 leads.

    A lot cheaper than Apple-style options and you can get them almost anywhere. I already had a couple that had come with other electrical gadgets.

    Edit: I prefer to use a lead - the flimsy Euro and (particularly*) US plugs aren't really up to supporting the weight of a charger.

    *Why the US have huge chunky domestic appliances that look like they should run on three-phase & then plug them in with silly little plugs that look more suitable for 12V caravan wiring... I don't know.

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