MBPs, Plex, Freeview HD TV and PVRs - best solution?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Charlie Croker, May 4, 2010.

  1. Charlie Croker macrumors member

    Charlie Croker

    Jan 7, 2010
    I am thinking about setting up a Plex system of archiving TV programmes of interest and archiving my DVD collection. However I would like to have the ability to record TV documentaries to the Hard Drive of the MBP (where Plex would be situated, and add them to the archive) possibly in the best encoding format to suit the HD. Does anyone know of a set-up that would work?

    The elements I would be using would be -
    MBP 2010
    Plex software
    Sony HD with built in Freeview HD

    I haven't bought any of these things yet, so if you have better options, I'm eager to hear them. I am trying to not buy another computer like a Mac Mini or a dedicated box for recording TV. I prefer a slimmed down approach to tech. Any ideas?

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