MDD Dual 1.42 Cooling

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bunnspecial, Aug 19, 2015.

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    May 3, 2014
    I've noticed that it seems like a lot of folks like to pile extra fans into their MDDs.

    It has always been my opinion that the stock MDD cooling design is fairly efficient, especially with the main(big) case fan positioned right next to the CPU heatsink and effectively having a direct front-to-back path for the airflow.

    The dual 1.42 I recently bought had been afflicted with "fanitis" and had a bunch of fans piled in it. I think that these probably actually hindered airflow, as they weren't secured but really just laying around in the case(two stacked in the secondary ATA bay). They also made one heck of a racket-much more so than the reputably loud stock MDD.

    I was using the computer last night and got fed up with it, so I pulled all the extra fans and took it down to stock cooling. Granted, I'm not running an overly hot GPU, but I still have the hottest-running factory CPU(and its corresponding copper heatsink).

    I spent a while last night in Leopard with both cores pegged near 100% for most of the time. The CPU card never went over 120ºF, which to me is plenty cool-especially given that it's more than likely in need of a repaste. It actually ran cooler than it did with the extra fans piled in there. After I shut it down, I checked the heatsink and it was cool to the touch.

    As it sits, the computer has a WD 500gb ATA HDD, and I had an older IBM Deskstar("deathstar") in there for experimental purposes. It's running the stock Radeon 9000 and has a USB card. There are also two optical drives.

    If I really wanted to push the limits, the extra fans might serve a purpose. I know-for example-that they are a necessity with many CPU upgrades such as the infamous dual 1.8 I have now in a Quicksilver.

    Otherwise, though, I'm perfectly content with how the computer runs with the stock cooling. I'll re-evaluate after I install the X800, but I don't expect a huge change.
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    When I had mine (MDD dual 1.42) years ago I just replaced them damn noisy fans with after market higher flow quieter fans worked well for me. Lowered the temperatures a little bit but the real bonus was no more vacuum cleaner like sound on the fan ramp up when starting or under load.
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    Generally it should not be a problem when room temp is not higher than around say 80 deg.
    Sometime I had to use my MDD (867 Dual) at 89 deg room temp, the CPU temp read 136.6
    and the big fan ramped up and down that I got fed up and added fans to it. It did help bring
    the temp down about 4 deg and keep the big fan quiet while I was working. This was with the
    stock GeForce 4 MX GPU.
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    Mar 26, 2013
    Elkton, Maryland
    I am curious as to how cool it will run with a fresh re-paste on the CPU.
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    I guess I'm just lucky, after owning a dual 1.25 MDD which had to be the noisiest desktop ever, I expected much the same when I purchased my dual 1.42 MDD.
    But not so, it sits on my desk by my right elbow and is only the slightest bit louder then my G5 quad, which BTW is really quiet.
    Either one of these 2 systems is a joy to use sitting up on my desk.
  6. mikiotty, Aug 20, 2015
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    My Dual 1.25GHz FW800 with a flashed GeForce FX5200 never went over 49°C, with room temperature at about 22°C (winter).
    Now, in summer and with the X800XT, the CPU easily reaches 55.5°C with room at 27°C and sometimes, when the room is at about 28-29°C, it reaches 57°C. Then the big fan ramps up and cools it back down to ~55°C.

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