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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MacHarne, Jun 26, 2006.

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    I have exhausted Apple's Discussion forums for this problem - perhaps other, maybe more insightful, assistance can be found here.

    My MDD 2x1.25 has an IOGear USB2 PCI card and two hard drives. The second hard drive (200GB) I recently purchased OEM online. The stock hard drive (80GB) never had a problem with the USB2 card. When I installed the new drive, I put it into the main bay that the 80GB had originally occupied. But, once I got Tiger running on the new drive, downloaded updates, got files transferred... well, this computer will very, very infrequently wake from sleep properly.

    To specify the problem, the USB does not activate on certain occasions (notably discerned by a lack of red LED coming from the Mighty Mouse). FYI: the keyboard and mouse are plugged into the regular USB1 input.
    *When I have the computer set to ask for a password when it wakes from sleep, the USB will Never activate.
    *When I have a FireWire device plugged into the machine, the USB will Never wake from sleep (regardless of password permission needed or not needed).
    *When no password permission is needed to wake from sleep, the USB will Sometimes activate.
    *Unplugging/Plugging the USB cable will Sometimes fix the issue listed immediately above.
    *I've noticed that by letting the computer sleep on its own (currently set to happen after an hour of idle) there is a better chance of a correct waking procedure than if I went to Apple > Sleep.

    There's the situation. This IOGear PCI card has no known issues related to inproper operation with Macs, and, like I said, this only happened once I installed the new hard drive.

    I am not trying to blame it on the PCI card or on the new hard drive, but if people know of other possible parties of blame or procedures for remedy the I would be very appreciative.

    (And I will try to get back into a habit of posting more, myself. I am currently going nuts with classes and work. I still check out the forums on occasion, though).
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    Mar 3, 2005
    Virginia, U.S.A.

    Does no one have advice for this issue? If push comes to shove, I am going to reinstall Tiger this weekend after another overhauled backup.

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