Mdworker process stuck at 100% CPU utilization

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    I just got myself a new iMac 27 (680mx, 16gb ram, 768gb SSD), and I'm very happy with the machine. However, there is one annoying issue. I have the latest version of Mountain Lion, and after a few days the mdworker process started to hang several times a day, getting stuck at 100%. The only way to stop this is to boot OSX in safe mode.

    Is there any way to permanently fix this issue?
    When I go through the mdworker error messages in Console, I get these messages A LOT every day:

    (There are several others, but these are the most frequent ones I see in my Console right now.)

    I would really appreciate any help, I'm completely stuck here. :confused:


    1/26/13 1:58:22.697 PM mdworker[554]: Unable to talk to lsboxd


    1/26/13 2:00:23.459 PM sandboxd[560]: ([559]) mdworker(559) deny mach-lookup


    1/26/13 12:28:40.935 AM sandboxd[627]: ([626]) mdworker32(626) deny file-write-create /Users/James/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Temp (import fstype:hfs fsflag:480D000 flags:40000005E diag:0 uti:com.sibelius.score plugin:/Sibelius - find suspect file using: sudo mdutil -t 1321224)

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