Measure Your Land [for iPad, Free!]: explain how long or wide Earth objects are!

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    May 28, 2012
    Did you ever have to explain to your colleague what the difference in length between two paths is? Or you just have an argument with your friend about the real area of the Great Lakes?

    Now with the “Measure Your Land” application you can easily make several measurements of the Earth objects via the satellite map with a few taps and share your measurement by email.

    We are proud of the next notice:
    "Measure Your Land is the most accurate measurement app" -

    Try application on the iPad for Free! Just type "Measure Your Land" in the AppStore's search and you'll find the app. Or use iTunes link to get to the app's AppStore page instantly.

    Best wishes, Ribaba's team.
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    May 28, 2012
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    May 28, 2012
    The “Measure Your Land” 3.0.5 – tape measure for planet Earth – is released!

    The Ribaba’s team of independent iOS developers is proud to release an update of “Measure Your Land“ iOS app. In this minor update a search bar is added. Now it is possible to search for any building or ground by it’s address (or zip code) and measure it’s length or area.

    “Thanks for all our 10 000+ users for choosing “Measure Your Land“ app! We like to receive feedback. The search bar in current release is the result of such feedback.“ – says team lead Ivan Rublev.

    Measuring roads, buildings or lands from the bird's eye view is the main mission of the “Measure Your land” app. It’s as easy to use as any other best iPhone or iPad apps. Just find an object on the map, select “line“ or “area“ tool and tap along the outline of the object. “Measure Your Land” will show the corresponding distance or area.

    There are over ten measure systems including American, Imperial, Chinese and others allow to get measuring result in any unit just can be imagined.

    Sending Earth object’s measures via email allows editing them on any other iPhone or iPad because starting version on “Measure Your Land“ is free. Even a preview from the web by free online “KML viewer” service is possible.

    “Measure Your Land“ app is like the tape measure for planet Earth!

    Previous version of the “Measure Your Land“ app has received Editor’s Pick award from the as “The most accurate measurement app”.
    Many good customer reviews have been received also. Some of them:
    “Great app with clean user interface and great measure accuracy.” - by John Resing.
    “This is simple and easy to use app. I love it.” – by Face Noodle.
    “Mensurar - Muito prático.” - by RRMattos.

    Here is iTunes link
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    May 28, 2012
    The “Measure Your Land” 3.0.6 – tape measure for planet Earth – is released!

    Ribaba's team is proud to release an iOS 6 compatibility update of the “Measure Your Land“ app. It will run smoothly on the new iOS! Also nautical mile is added to the app’s settings.

    iTunes link

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