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Discussion in 'iPad' started by David-fr, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I wan't to share my thoughts on the available ways to get some media on iPad, and the issues i've encounter by doing so.

    Few weeks ago i was trying to get a book on iPad (a mainstream book) and i searched on iBooks, B & N, and Amazon app. The book was not available in either of those stores. I searched on-line and with in 5 mins i had the .doc, .pdf, and .epub files of the book i wanted to read. While my 1st choice was to buy the book, the free download was easier. The same thing happened today with some Spanish books i want to read.

    TV Shows
    I have a netflix account and watched there the 1st 3 seasons of Dexter, the 4th season was not available for stream, i looked in itunes and it was around 35 dlls to buy the whole season. But then i thought, i want to buy it? really? I will only watch it for one time. I searched for the rent .99 cents version and it was not available.. Again pirate download wat the best bet, saw the episodes on my PS3 erased them and problem solved.

    Ive no problems with itunes music store i have a 700 dlls library and am happy.

    While you want to get the content legally, at the end sometimes torrent is better, if the media i want is not available for purchase one way or the other i will get it. If they want us to spent money on content they better make it easier to get it and more convenient.

    sorry for the bad grammar English second lenguage
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    The current situation reflects how long it is taking big business to break down their old ways of doing business. Truth be told, iTunes should not even exist. The only reason it exists is because the record companies had no idea how to sell their own product in a post Napster world.

    My theory is that if record companies started, back when downloading was taking root, selling music for say, .10 a song, and whole albums for $1.50 or something, then piracy would not have taken root, as it would not even be worth the time and trouble. The other benefit would be that we would be wedded to the legal way of doing business and we would go to and to get our music instead of torrent sites. Also, at those price points, we would be music collectors and would make up for the lower prices with massive volume.

    When I was a kid, and we bought vinyl and cassettes, you did not have enough money to buy all the music you were a fan of, but one effect of the download culture is that people want to have far more media than they even plan to consume. Plus, let's get real, some things you only listen to once or twice a year.

    Anyhow, it is what it is. You should have to wait for Season 4 dexter like the rest of us. You stole it because you were able to justify that you wanted it right now, like a little baby, and I'm not so sure that holds much sway with anyone.
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    But yet again (about Dexter) i wanted to get it the right way and what? a ripoff for something i will only see once? Apple announced the 99 cents TV show which seemed cool but only 2 networks on board. Make it easy and i will spend money on it, since i valued peoples work and i know it cost them money to produced since i work at the virtual goods industry as well (GM for aeria games)
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    So after driving some cars, I decided I wanted this sweet BMW. I went to the dealer, and there was all this paperwork, and it was really expensive, so I left.

    That night I went back, smashed a couple of windows, "jail broke" the ignition and drove out with my brand new Beemer for Free!!! It only took like 10 minutes, much faster than filling out all those forms - and cheaper too. (crow bar, $10 retail, but I had a five finger discount on that too...)

    So, basically, right now, it's much easier just to jail break the car you want and download it right to your garage.

    If the auto companies would just lower the price of cars to a couple hundred bucks, we wouldn't have this problem. They'd sell a lot more cars, and wouldn't have to deal with piracy or need government bailouts. When will these companies get that people are tired of being ripped off...

    (Yeah, I made this all up. Sorry.)

    Your point is valid. Book publishers seem slow to get material online, especially the back catalog books. And right now, video is much easier (and better) from a torrent. I mean, Torrents are the only way to get most foreign films, or subtitles for language, or for a hard of hearing family member.

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