Media Server Problem With DNS-323 Nas & twonkavision

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Matt2K, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Matt2K macrumors newbie

    Aug 27, 2008
    I have a Playstation 3 and a Xbox 360, I recently purchased a D-Link DNS-323 NAS to stream video to both devices without a computer, using a program called twonky by twankavision, but I can't seem to get it to work, I've tried google and various forums but their explanations have been very complex, Download hex editor and recompile the program and such, I need to install a open source program called Fun_plug to allow me to telnet into the DNS-323 and install the program, but I cant seem to get this to work, is there an easy way to get this to work? I'm using a Mac book with OSX 10.5.5 This is how I've been trying,

    DNS 323 Appears in finder window with home, music, documents

    Fun_plug and Fun_plug.tgz downloaded to desk top,

    in finder i go to volume_1 of the DNS323 and place both files in it,

    I reboot the DNS-323 and open finder, Then I click Go, Then click connect

    to server attempting to telnet into the DNS-323

    I Type the IP Address of the DNS-323, click Connect and get connection

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Got it working

    OK, I wanted to install Twonky on my D-Link DNS-323 to stream media to my Xbox and PS3 without having a computer on, strait from the nas, but I know nothing about linux and I use a Mac,The hard part for me was getting Telnet set up on my nas,Telnet must be enabled to install twonky, So once I found this page

    it was easy, I just followed the step by step instruction from the link and its that simple, no linux experience needed, Using Windows XP, I have a Mac So I used Boot Camp, and downloaded the fun_plug software from the link on the step by step page.

    Note that this is the only Package that worked for me, it includes (4) four packages, (2) two are in a folder,I just downloaded them Unzipped them and dragged them as is onto my nas, after restarting they had installed themselves,That's it.

    Next I went to the twonky web page and downloaded the instructions to install twonky and the DNS-323 software from this page,

    skip all the other stuff on the pdf and go to the Nas Setup part, from there its step by step also, remember to Turn off your windows fire wall during the install,

    Also the Twonky software would not install for me until I downloaded it onto my desktop and used winrar to unpack it in Windows, Then it was just click accept, Type in my static IP address and click install, that's it, just give it A minute to finish and if you already have video and stuff on your drive, it should appear on your Xbox and ps3, That is, if its in the right format, they don't like mkv but they both love avi

    The Twonky software is set to scan for new media every 60 min but you can do it sooner or later by going into the twonky software Through Your Browser, in the Nas part of the PDF just before you get to the next Chapter, it showes the Default IP address on the pdf, I use a different one so it was the first part http:// With my Ip and then last part :9000 and I was Gold.

    That's it, no Hex editor, Funny Guy, no putty software, no Linux, just Windows and the two links I provided, and A big thank you to god For not Allowing me to brick my Nas.
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    Aug 28, 2009

    The URL looks incomplete.. I get a broken page when I follow it.. can you fill in the missing characters or help me understand how to get to it pls?


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    Aug 27, 2008

    They updated the twonky web site, so the new URL for that is:

    the bottom URL is for the latest software but I am running the older version top 4.4 on my NAS and have not needed to bother with it since my first install using 2 western digital green 1T drives, theres also a Forum on the Twonky site Devoted to the D-Link DNS, you can go to the site map and go to Forums or use the link below.

    Next you will need the fun plug at

    there is a list of files, but all you need are 2


    Drag and drop them onto your d-link and restart it, and they should just install with nothing more to do from there, they explain it on the fun plug site in more detail, but they also make it sound fare more complicated then it is, thats the link below,

    Next you will want to install twonk, grabe the software from the site using the links at the top, its only a 30 day trial, but that should be long enough to help you make an informed decision about purchasing it, I did with no regrets,

    Follow the instruction From The Manuel, bellow.

    Now using the twonky software, open NASSetup and accept the disclaimer by pressing the Accept button.

    In the next screen, you must enter the IP-address of your NAS in the field IP address of NAS.
    If your NAS uses a static IP, enter this address, otherwise enter the IP address, which was
    assigned by your router during the network setup (DHCP).

    The other fields and checkboxes on this screen are pre-filled with default values for this platform, and typically there is no need to change them.
    The text fields user and password are used for accessing the NAS as super-user via telnet
    protocol. If you have not changed any user or password on your NAS you should not change
    these fields. The name of the super-user is typically root, but this name may vary from platform to platform. On some NAS you do not need any user and password information for telnet access. In this case the fields are empty

    If you are planning an upgrade TwonkyMedia to a newer version, you can decide to unmark the checkbox uninstall old server. In this case the new version is just overwritten and previous settings are not lost.

    If you plan to uninstall TwonkyMedia, you should mark the checkbox uninstall old server and unmark install new server.

    For a clean installation it is recommended to mark both checkboxes In many cases you need to reboot your NAS to start the server afterwards and the checkbox start server is greyed out. On other platforms a reboot is not necessary and you may choose to start he server immediately after NASSetup has finished.

    Before continuing you should disable your windows firewall
    (or open at least TCP port 9000, whichi is used during the next steps).
    If your PC has more than one network interface, you should also disable all except that one, which is in the same network as your NAS:

    Press continue to apply these settings and to continue with the installation.

    The installation process will stop a running server and will copy all files onto the NAS.
    Depending on your NAS, other windows may open and close in a short time frame. The
    platform dependent progress of installation is shown in the big information window in the
    centre. The installation procedure itself should not take longer than a minute. Close the
    NASSetup window with the exit button

    After successful installation you could use any browser to configure TwonkyMedia. Open the
    URL at port 9000, e.g.

    and thats it, basically you type the NAS IP, Maybe your password, accept, install and next and your finished, just go to the above IP and configure Twonky and thats it, their explanation of the same thing was more detailed, but they make sounds so complicated, to me anyway, good luck and enjoy.

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