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    Don Kosak

    Mar 12, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I'm the developer for Wiki Edit, an App for iPad that makes it easier to edit MediaWiki articles and discussions. It gets rid of the tiny, difficult to scroll, edit box in Safari, and replaces it with a full screen wiki markup editor. It lets you search within a page, and adds navigation to article sections, your watch lists, and user page.

    MediaWiki is the software that powers Wikipedia, WoWWiki, RecipeWiki, WikiHow, WikiTravel, and over 100,000 wiki's hosted at at It also powers the guides here at MacRumors.

    I wanted to let folks know that Wiki Edit v1.2, a major update, just became available in the App Store today.

    Wiki Edit works for all of the big public MediaWiki's out there. It also supports private wiki's behind VPN, Corporate Networks, Self-Signed SSL Certificates, and Digest or Basic Authentication.


    You can learn more about the app at the iTunes App Store:
    Wiki Edit for iPad on iTunes

    or at the Wiki Edit website:
    Wiki Edit App, the MediaWiki Editor for iPad


    - Don

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