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    Jul 14, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    I just posted about the DVD+RW drive and I have some EXTREME news. I had installed the new pioneer 109 drive and taken the old sony drive out and I decided to take apart the sony just to see what it looked like. THERE WAS A PIECE OF PAPER STUCK INSIDE! It was a ripped off little piece of yellow notebook paper that said medium rare, and not my handwriting what so ever, nor would it ever have gotten in there. I am willing to bet a lot of money it came shipped that way, and it was causing the laser not to be able to read any of the discs, and that explains the loud noises. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!?! I have a new Pioneer 16x drive that i got for about 100 bucks after shipping and everything, and a Superdrive that is slower. The Pioneer drive doesn't fit correctly but i can make it work kinda. Should I send back the Pioneer and just stick the Sony back in? ANY ADVICE?? This is really really bizarre, and my jaw is dropped.
  2. Mr. Durden macrumors 6502a

    Jan 13, 2005

    Whenever I have a piece of useless equipment laying around, I just throw it on eBay. Even if you just get a little bit for it, its better than just sitting around gathering dust. Plus the faster drive is much nicer anyway.

    Weird story though.
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    Jun 22, 2004
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    You should start another thread using ALL CAPS in the title, cause this is a pretty serious issue, man.

    Well, that's what I'd do. :cool:
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    Chicago, IL
    Alright so newegg wont accept a return. That's crap. Sorry about all caps, i had a lot of adreniline from this whole situation, I wouldn't make a big deal about that. ha ha.
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    Sun Baked

    May 19, 2002
    There are two keys on the keyboard that you should learn how to use.

    1. "return" key -- use this to put some line breaks into your post.

    2. "shift" key -- use this to stop SHOUTING at everyone.


    Also telling people what computer you are talking about helps.

    Because the advice you'd get for a iMac G4, eMac, PowerMac, etc. would vary.

    For instance, there are a couple of different installation kits for the PowerMac G5 (which shifts installation height) -- plus removing the door bezel is almost a must.
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    Jan 6, 2005

    Sorry, but this doesn't qualify as EXTREME news.

    Maybe odd, but that's about it.
  7. Anarchy99 macrumors 6502a

    Dec 13, 2003
    i was told the pioneer dvr 109 and others worked fine in the g5 and fit right also i was told they use a dvr 106 stock in g5s
    i wanna know cause im buying a g5 soon and was planning on the 109
  8. howard macrumors 68020


    Nov 18, 2002
    i opened up my computer once and there were ewoks making egg salad sandwiches.

    but seriously, thats not cool, if the sony one works fine now i'd try and take back the new one..otherwise through it on ebay.
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    Aug 26, 2004
    You will have to take the front off of the 109 to get it to fit in a G5 Powermac - and you may have to in other Mac's as well.

    What you can do, is to unlock the 109 and make it RPC 1 and then do the same with the Sony. The Sony is probably a Lite-On Drive rebadged so that would be easy to change.

    I would get a external firwire box and stick the Sony in it - It's handy to have to a second drive when copying from one disc to another.

    What you do with the drive depends in wether you can make use of it - don't forget if you have a PC as well as your Mac then you could put it in the PC.

    Else sell the drive.

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