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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have had iPhone since the 1st Gen, and now own an iPhone 4. Anyway, i have never really been an intensive 3G (or GPRS) data user. I had my 3Gs for 18 months and only used 3GB downloaded.

    Today i had a text from my provider (Tesco UK) saying "Tesco Mobile: Your unlimited data is subject to fair use. Please note you're nearly at the limit & will be charged £4/MB if you exceed it".

    Now, I was confused as I am on wifi at home, 3G at work and don't browse or download on 3G. I checked my usage ad it is at 5.4GB!! That's since 1st of December. Last time I looked a couple of weeks back I was on 2 GB ish.

    Luckily tesco let you downland your raw usage data, which shows me how much per minute I am using. I have put it in excel and grouped by day. I'm usually using around 10mb a day, my highest was around 400mb (i was streaming radio all day). But on the 15th it jumped to 2000mb!!!!! It looks like i have been using loads daily ever since then.

    I do not know what is doing this? I do not have any data intensive apps running. I do have gmail on exchange and google contacts on exchange as well as my work email and calendar on exchange. Could these be causing it?

    Thanks in advance
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    They could, but most likely, it's an app. You can download a free app called Netstat from the app store that can help you find your problem.

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