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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by timobee6, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Melbourne Australia
    I had an amazing experience with Melbourne, Flinder St Mac Repair centre opposite Federation Square! My 17" Macbook Pro I love very much and we are best mates :) crashed!!!! Completely rendered useless!!! I took it to the repair centre hoping to find some assistance! They had it for 4 weeks, never called me and when I inquired the told me that it wold be cheaper to buy a new Macbook pro because the Logic board of my Mac is faulty!!!! I took it home and a few days later I found a guy on ebay who claimed that he fixes these kind of problems, I had nothing to loose I gave it to him and he fixed my Mac in 2 days charging me 180$ So so happy now to be reunited with my Mac!! Also need to mention that 6 months ago my ICam went faulty and the repair centre quoted my 1200$ to repair my Mac!!! My friend ordered a new part I paid 60$ and it was fixed as good as new!! The moral of the story is Do Not take your Mac to the Melbourne store unless you want to get ripped off! Very unprofessional people! Lost 2 screws from the back and put a dint into the side!! I am a little upset with these rip off merchants! All they do is pointing the finger towards the Mac Shop next door "go and get another one"
    be careful with them!!!! :mad:
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    Good to hear…

    But it was a bit difficult to read seeing you use a bit too much punctuation and mis-capitalization. Also you posted in the wrong section.

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