Melted plastic help :(


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Jul 12, 2015
Hi guys...

I am here with a problem. I have this piano, it is a synthesizer, an expensive one, Roland A 90.

So, I was fixing the house and I came into the studio where the piano is and I left an Air Wick scent bottle on top of the keys, that was a few days ago. A moment ago I noticed the smell from the room and I came and I see the Air Wick that I left (instead of pluging it to the wall) dropped and melted two keys!!!!

Now lol, I am here with my girlfriend because I just got together with this guy and he is traveling and he told me I could stay at his very fancy apartment. He is a musician and I am taking care of the apartment and now I melted one of his pianos. So I am here with my friend and we took the piano that is heavy! And we put it (dropped it) on the floor so the oil could drain out. But there is no oil but two keys are sort of melted on the surface.

So the question for you too... how can I make those keys smooth again? He is coming in two weeks. Is there a way to wax them?

Thank youuu.


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Sep 15, 2011
Vilano Beach, FL
Just get replacement keys, or don't hassle, just explain what happened when he gets back. It's not all that expensive, parts are available, no big deal.
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Jan 31, 2015
Agreed with everyone else. It looks like the replacement keys are about $5-10 each depending where you go.

It's pretty difficult to "repair" plastic like that. Lesson learned I guess about the Air Wick thing- must have some sort of oil solvent or something in it. My chemistry knowledge is pretty limited to medicine- @bunnspecial might chime in. Other lesson is about leaving things on expensive items.

My suggestion is inform your friend when he returns from his trip. Offer to pay for the repair. Hiding the problem will only eat up your conscious, make you anxious, make you look like a jerk, and your new friend won't trust you. Chances are it's no big deal to him and he'all either fix it or live with it. It's probably NBD if he's well off.

In high school I pet sit my elderly neighbors- a beautiful $3m 1930's colonial house/mansion. They had an original glass (very thin) breezeway. One day I was sitting the wind took the door and broke like 4 panes of glass from the door and adjacent windows. There was no doorstop. I freaked out for like 3 days until they got back and told them. They didn't care. I offered to pay to fix and they're like "no we're surprised this never happened" and "we've been meaning to renovate this anyways". And a month later they invited me back to pet sit again.

It could be worse, Another neighbor's son's girlfriend decided to cook for his family at their house and lit the kitchen on fire causing extensive damage.

Just be honest and upfront. It's embarrassing but trying to hide the problem usually never works and makes you seem untrustworthy.