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    – and for posterity, my first capture in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:
    Non-authenticated, but not unlimited states:

    – so, for example, searches of forum content are not performed without authentication.

    Those limitations aside, I guess that Apple quietly decided to make content generally available to the public whilst focus was on WWDC.

    Perceived confidentiality

    At under Be Topical:

    Some of the published content may be inconsistent with that suggestion, and with contributors' perceptions of part 6 of the Apple Developer Forums 
Participation Agreement (EA1279, 2015-06-02). For that apparent inconsistency, there's an Apple Developer Program access issue (case 822736071).


    Before posting this, I refrained for a few hours. A personal e-mail to someone at Apple, coupled with the report of the access issue (the inconsistency).

    Then I found – more than thirty-six hours ago and retweeted by more than a hundred people – and later yesterday, WWDC 2015: Interesting Tidbits and Links – MacStories, so it's reasonable to assume that most of the openness is both:
    • intended by Apple; and
    • known to the authors whose posts are published
    – there is encouragement to use a pseudonym, or words to that effect.
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    I wonder whether contributors are aware of the degrees of publicity. wondered about publicly indexable content; someone responded:

    That response, verbatim, is publicly indexed :)

    In a topic elsewhere, one of the threads resulted in a question about the beta/pre-release forum, that thread appears to ends with a link to the page where Apple advises:

    – unless I'm missing something, no group realisation that for the five seed spaces below, forum content is visible to the public, indexed by Google and so on:
    • iOS 8.4 beta
    • iOS 9 beta
    • OS X 10.10.4 beta
    • OS X 10.11 beta
    • watchOS 2 beta. there's a realisation:

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    Land sakes? Oh my giddy aunt.

    And the giddier aunt of the two selves of RedBear.

    Last but not least, Giddiest Auntie Google and Her use of forbidden content:
    2015-06-24 04-17-35 screenshot.png

    (The long period of moderation may be associated with posting a link to a non-Apple site.)


    Saturday 2015-06-27, I see that moderators allowed the post.

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