Memory and Battery PB G4 questions

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by xtempo, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Jan 2, 2014
    1) what is the type of screw for use with the memory door?

    2) Can I somehow fix the inner memory slot so the PB can have more memory?
    I have the old memory installed in it but it doesn't recognize it- is there a way to make work again?

    3)what battery would recommended? Are there any better ones and how long do are these suppose to last?

    I have an aftermarket battery from Amazon since the original died and the battery seems to discharge quickly so its better to keep it plugged in.
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    Feb 6, 2014
    Please post your exact Powerbook model. I believe the screws are 1.5mm or 2mm x 3mm (length, or thereabout. I would need to consult my Apple Service Source documents for the exact size, and it's just about time for be to retire for the night.

    I use aftermarket batteries, considering that first-market batteries are now anywhere from eight to twelve years old. You can get a good, or a rubbish battery, so if it is going bad, and you purchased it in the last year, submit it for an RMA.

    If your RAM isn't recognised, and you have a two-socket mainboard, you want it in the lower socket (closest to the mainboard). If you have a one-socket model, or your memory is already in the lower slot, then either your SO-DIMM is bad, or the socket is bad.

    SO-DIMMs for Powerbook systems are very inexpensive now, so you may want to try ypur luck with another SO-DIMM. Check to ensure it is in the lowest socket (again, closest to the mainboard/furthest from the metal casing/deepest into the system), before anything else.
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    Jan 2, 2014
    Sorry I compeltely forgot the model A1095

    I bought the battery a few years ago and am looking for something newer. Is there any brands to stay away from? It seems all the batteries are generic so are there any signs to tell what a good battery is?

    the memory has two sockets and the one closes to memory cover works so the one closest to the mobo does not recongize the old memory stick that I came with it.

    I am only seeing 1 GB and I think I can up that to 2 GBs. I'll check the slot now so I'll edit this in a moment.

    the slot that doesn't work has 256mb in it.

    I guess that means the slot can't be fixed ?
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    Feb 6, 2014
    Here is an easy way for you to check: Change the arrangement of memory modules, placing the 1Gb SO-DIMM in the lower socket, and the 256MB SO-DIMM in the upper socket. Then check to see if you have 256MB, 1GB, or 1.25GB of RAM.

    If you have 256MB, then the lower socket is bad.
    If you have 1GB, then the 256MB SO-DIMM is bad.
    If you have 1.25GB, use it as-is.
    If it does something else, please report it.

    Maximum RAM for your model is 2GB.
    There is also always a chance that the SO-DIMM is not fully-seated, so be careful and deliberate when inserting them.

    A generic 'Laptop Screw Kit' (assortment) should contain screws that are the correct size. The Apple Service Source manual for your model doesn't even bother to list the lengths, but as I said, they are probably 2mm x 3mm machine thread, and should be in a generic assortment for laptops.
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    Jan 2, 2014
    It can only see the one slot so I guess the other slot can't be fixed. Is there a stick of memory that is 2GB and can use it on the PB or is each slot limited to 1 GB only?

    I will look for the assortment for laptops would that only be in Radio Shack and best buy? would a local pc repair place have the assortment?

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