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Sep 25, 2014
I have a MacBook, 2008 vintage, black one.. It has a single 2gig chip in it, and I was trying to add another 2 gig. I purchased one for the MacBook online and put it in, and got the memory beeps at startup.
I switched them around, still got the beeps. I then tried the single new one on it's own and it works fine.
I called the memory store and they double checked the memory and it is the correct one. I had them send me a replacement just in case, tried that and same issue. Then, I tried the two new ones together and still no good. BUT each one boots fine on it's own, but will not under any combination boot up..
I called Apple support and they were stymied too. Did not know why as they said that MacBook really takes most memory with no issues..
Any Ideas out there?????
Thanks :(


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Feb 4, 2006
Have you tried the old 2GB chip in both of the memory slots ?

May be a faulty memory slot (not uncommon) and may explain why it has a single 2GB chip in it !
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