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    Nov 30, 2004
    I've looked at Crucial, OWC, and NewEgg, for 1GB (2x512) of RAM for the DP 1.8 PM I'm about to get. So far the cheapest seems to be from NewEgg. they have a kingston pack for $133, $30 cheaper than Crucial or OWC (

    Or I could just buy two separate chips for $60 each and save a bit more, but I've never heard of the company, wintec ampo (

    so I have two questions really, the first being whether or not the above memory is any good

    Secondly, I noticed that some chips have a CAS latency of 2.5, while others (like the wintec and the ones from Crucial) have a CAS latency of 3. Will I notice the difference?
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    Dec 7, 2003
    One important consideration is to buy the memory from a vendor which will allow return or exchange, and gives a lifetime warranty that it will keep working.

    I don't think anyone would notice the difference in latency as long as the spec met Apple's minimum standard.

    I've got some paired 1 GB modules coming from OWC hopefully tomorrow for a new iMac. Fast it is not with only 256 MB. Good luck with your added memory.
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    Aug 1, 2001
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    Get the Kingston. They're a known-good brand.

    Get the 2.5's. Even if 3's are in spec now, that may change with future updates. Many PM G4's with cheaper, slower RAM installed failed to boot Jaguar simply because of the out of spec (for 10.2 and above) latency.

    People have argued this one with me but I've fixed it myself more than once.

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