Memory *(RAM) issue - Installer not responding

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Mar 5, 2012
My standard (except for lots of drives) 5.1 dual Mac Pro is running out of memory. It has 24 GB ram.

I zapped the PRAM, and then started with the shift key, going into what used to be called Protected Mode I think.

Using the Activity Monitor, there is an Installer, that is not responding. It is continually taking up more and more memory. I think this may be related to my Snapscan desktop fast scanner. Without thinking, I updated its software. However, I recently move home (after 18 years) and some things are still in storage. Including the Snap Scanner. Perhaps the Snapscan software is trying to update the Snapscan hardware, which is not connected? I do not want to remove the software either, as I may not have all the discs for the Snap Scan (things can be lost when moving).

Also, the Kernel memory grows as well. With hardly anything open.

The hardware tests OK, but its possible that a RAM card is faulty. The starting chime had gone away for some time - the PRAM zapp brought it back, but I did that previously and the starting chime went away after a few restarts. My RAM is from OWC, and although I thought I had bought 1300 hz speed RAM(some years ago) the RAM reports that it is 1033. Perhaps with a faster processor(s) it would reveal itself as 1300, but then, who knows ... I still have the original RAM though, perhaps I should try that alone to see if there is a RAM issue going on?

I had intended to upgrade the CPUs, but this issue is making me delay that upgrade.

Is there a way to find that installer and kill it?

Is there a relationship between an installer app using RAM and the kernel growing in size?

Kind Regards all
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