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Discussion in 'macOS' started by opusthe2nd, Sep 23, 2005.

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    This has become interesting to me:

    I have the PB in my sig. In the morning when I start the PB and open my apps, I will have 219MB of RAM used and 805MB free. As the day goes on to the evening, I will still have the same apps open, but my RAM will be something like 410 used and 590 free. Whats with this? Is OS/X not very good with letting go of memory if you use other apps?
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    Mac OS X likes to keep memory which was used by an app reserved so that that same app can use the same memory in the (near) future. This is "inactive" RAM. Inactive RAM is not free, but can be re-used.
    The idea is that if you want to use the same again, it will launch faster etc.

    If memory gets low, then the memory management will free-up inactive RAM for more urgent "active" use.

    In short, it is excellent! It just seems more RAM is accessed as the day goes on...

    The number of "pageouts" is significant. If that numer rises during the day, then RAM updgrade is essential.
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