memory upgrade for 2013 intel imac mavericks

Discussion in 'iMac' started by lasloduncan, Jul 24, 2015.

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    if i was to provide my serial number etc--would some really knowledgeable iMac tekkie be able to tell me precisely which memory modules to install to up grade my iMac--various searches result in various and conflicting answers--currently at 8gb--seems like it would be wise to go to 32? however ...lots of do's and don't s' and which mfg is best which particular technical specs work best dont work etc, -

    result for me is confusion and quandary--thank you
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    Go to Crucial's web site here and download their tool to scan your system and it will tell you what Crucial part number you need. Then search Amazon for that part number and buy it there. For some reason Amazon sells Crucial memory for less than Crucial themselves.

    Or after you do then Crucial scan, write down the specs and buy the memory anywhere you want. As long as the vendor is reliable for warranty issues, memory is all the same as long as it meets the specs.

    Nothing really wrong with the OWC memory mentioned, I just have always found them to be a little overpriced.

    Why do you think you need more memory. 8GB would be enough for most users. After using your computer for awhile, open Activity Monitor and look in the memory tab at the bottom. If that memory pressure section is green, you will likely not benefit from more memory.

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