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Sep 24, 2009
Hi guys, need some info a MBP on this spec 2.53GHZ 4GB RAM and 240GB HD..want to know if i could still add some memory and up to how much and if the HD is upgradable...thanks for any info


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Keep in mind that upgrading to 8gb means pulling the two existing 2gb DIMMs and replacing them with two 4gb DIMMs. In other words you can not get to 8gb by adding to the existing RAM. A 8gb kit will set you back about $450-550 US, I just paid about $460 from OWC. Look at your usage to decide if the extra RAM is worth the cost. I went with the MBP 2.53 rather then a 2.8 using the money I saved to pay for the extra RAM. The main use of the MBP will is working with RAW files in LR/PS. For me the extra RAM gets me more then the faster CPU/GPU of the higher end MBP.

Installing RAM or a new HD is pretty easy if you have the right tools. OWC has some very good videos on how to make these upgrades. My one word of advice would be to make sure you seat the RAM fully in its slot. I had some errors after installing my RAM. After opening the MBP back up and reseating the RAM the errors went away.


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Nov 29, 2009
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I just installed a 4gb kit from crucial at a fair price (about 80GBP including postage and packaging) and the difference is awesome.

Photoshop files and big Logic projects are quick to load up too. I'd say about 40% quicker. Maybe thats exaggerating but it is way quicker. Plus you could sell the old memory on ebay?

Overall, very worthwhile.

Oh and i've got the base MBP 13 inch so the difference may a bit less noticable on your system but go for it!


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Feb 15, 2008
Fairfield County, CT
LOL, you overpaid.
I just bought the 8gb set from OWC because of my experience with their products in the past. I upgraded my ram in my MP to 10gb about 2 years ago and everything has been great with it.

If I have a good experience with a company, I will go back to that company. I guess it's the piece of mind that I currently have with shopping with OWC.

Next upgrade will definitely be a SSD.
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