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    Listen, I dont give out that kind of information.
    Can anyone suggest another alternative to buying a memory upgrade from another place other than the Apple company itself. I feel as if they are over charging for a 1 gb enhancement. I would like to buy preferably from NewEgg. Can someone please post a link for a memory upgrade that would fit best for a 12" powerbook 1.5 GHz, with 512 MB DDR inside and would show a definitive improvement within the computer. Thank You.
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    Hi ABE

    First off, the Search function of the MR Forums is a wonderful thing. We have covered this question approx. 2 dozen times..

    New Egg does not offer a compatibility guarantee with any product, and they do not offer any RAM (when I last checked) that is guaranteed by the maker to be Mac compatible (the Kingston and Crucial RAM they offer is the generic models only). NewEgg also has a 15% restocking fee policy if you return something for a refund. What it boils down to is that you would be taking the risk, time and expense of testing the RAM yourself.

    My recommendation is to choose a reputable seller who tests and guaranteeds compatibility with your specific Mac, offers a lifetime warranty, and a no-cost return if it doesn't work. Various MR members like Crucial (when bought through their RAM configurator) and OWC (Macsales). In the USA I prefer Data Memory Systems - they are knowledgeable and honest and their RAM works.


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