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    Oct 16, 2012
    I dragged 3 movies into the Selection Box. I set the Blu-Ray Video Option.I selected Auto Play on Insert. I dragged in a picture for the Background and Gave the movie a Title. Then I burned the Blu-Ray. When I load the Blu-Ray into my external player the first movie DOES NOT automatically play. Rather I get a screen that merely shows the name my Blu-Ray disc. I DO NOT see the Splash Screen Menu. I DO NOT even see the name of the three movies that I burned. When I click on the Name that is showing the movie starts to play but no matter what menu buttons I press I cannot ever get to the Splash Screen Menu in order to be able to select other movies to play.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Did you pick movie project or data project? I've made that mistake before when trying to make audio cd's. I created an audio cd in toast and "burned" it to a dmg file. I then right clicked it and "burned" it to a cd in finder only to find out I made a data cd with a dmg file on the thing. In toast, if I burned directly to CD using audio format, I got an audio cd which mounted in the filesystem as an audio cd immediately after burning.
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