Mercury Elite Pro (USB3) sleep/ejecting issues

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by iWantAMac, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I came across a bit of info before putting the order in for a couple of the drives for OWC about external hdds connected via usb3 not behaving correctly in Lion and ML. Did a bit more research and haven't found a definitive answer but did find the these issues of external drives not spinning down on system sleep, ejecting on sleep and not remounting without a restart have been a problem for some people for ages. And some folks put it down to cables, others say its the chipset, and also OS related. Also not just limited to usb3 connections.
    Some of these other cases I think are pretty isolated but my impression is there has been a common issue with usb3 on macs.

    So just want to know, are there people out there running the Elite Pro drives without any of these problems?

    Bonus points if you can indicate what sort of speeds these enclosures give you with your drives!
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    I have a Mercury Elite Pro that came preinstalled with an Hitachi 1-TB drive. When using the OWC-supplied USB 3 cable, the drive does not spin down when I turn off my computer, a late-2012 Mac Mini running Mountain Lion. I believe this issue is now acknowledged by OWC (see thread below). Otherwise, the drive works perfectly with both USB 3 and Firewire 800 and does not have any of the problems you mention.

    I ran the Blackmagic speed test and received about 125 MB/sec for both upload and download while connected with USB 3. I can't recall exactly but I think the Firewire 800 speeds were about 75 MB/sec.

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